Read our free Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) realtime event- and data tracing whitepaper!


Our free whitepaper on Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) describes how to perform real-time event- and data tracing using Cortex-M microcontrollers, by using the SWD/SWV/SWO/ITM technologies supported by popular Cortex-M devices, and JTAG probes like SEGGER J-Link and ST-LINK.

By using the methods and tools outlined in this whitepaper, you can easily analyze performance bottlenecks, interrupt and exception behaviour etc. in popular Cortex-M microcontrollers such as STM32, Kinetis, LPC, EFM32, etc. Additionally you will learn how to watch variable values in real-time, analyze problems using the data access history log capabilities, as well as redirecting printf() output to the debugger using a JTAG cable. 




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By reading this whitepaper, you will learn more about:

  • Real-time event and data tracing
  • Interrupt and exception behavior
  • Real-time data plotting and data access history analyzis
  • Performance profiling
  • printf() redirection using a JTAG cable
  • and more!