Static stack analysis

With TrueSTUDIO Pro you can easily analyze and visualize the stack size requirements for your application or for certain tasks in your RTOS by using the Static Stack Analyzer tool. This tool analyses the stack size for each function and for the whole application at compile time. A truely useful tool that provides insights to stack requirements without needing target hardware. 

(Read about other memory analysis options here)

Listing the stack cost for each function

The stack analysis tool lists the local cost in terms of stack size for each function in your project. It is possible to filter out functions which are garbage collected by the Linker using the Hide dead code check-box.


Whole-program static stack analysis

It is also possible to visualise the static stack requirements based on an understanding of the possible execution paths of the application as a whole. The tools lists local cost within each level of the call graph as well as the max cost at the current level in the call graph.


Feature list

  • Local cost analysis for each funtion compiled
  • Call graph analysis of the whole program to identify the most expensive execution paths
  • Both views provides search/filter capability for easy navigation of functions
  • Double-clicking on a C/C++ function opens the function declaration in the editor
  • Different icons used for C/C++ functions, Assembly functions and linked library functions
  • Call graph depth  shown for each execution path
  • Information about whether function has static or dynamic stack requirements