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TrueSTUDIO Pro tools for ARM development

The TrueSTUDIO Pro upgrade unlocks powerful development tools and time-saving features inside the free TrueSTUDIO  IDE. You can upgrade with confidence because these Pro features have been developed by Atollic to seamlessly extend TrueSTUDIO with no changes to your installation or project files.

FAQ List

 Why should I upgrade?  How does the upgrade work?  Can I try before I buy?
Will TrueSTUDIO Pro work with my debug probe? What does a subscription license cost? Do you have perpetual licenses available?

Why Should I Consider Upgrading to TrueSTUDIO Pro?

Whether you are a seasoned developer or just starting out, you probably know that the quality of your tools can make a big difference in the success of your project. The additional features available in TrueSTUDIO Pro will help you take ARM development to another level. Save time, find bugs faster, improve the performance of your system, and gain new insights.


The build/memory analyzer feature in TrueSTUDIO Pro gives you a detailed analysis of your memory utilization for each build. You can quickly determine how much FLASH and RAM is used by your application and then drill down to see how the memory is used.

Read more about Build Analyzer



Team code review has been shown to be one of the best ways to improve code quality and prevent bugs. TrueSTUDIO Pro helps you set up and maintain a formal process where the developers evaluate each other’s code at regular times during development. 

Read more about peer review.


Don't settle for step-by-step debugging when you can have greater visibility into the dynamics of complex
real-time applications with TrueSTUDIO Pro. This visibility is extremely useful not only in increasingly complex applications but even in relatively simple systems that cannot be halted for the debugging process. Atollic TrueSTUDIO Pro provides advanced visualization and logging features for powerful debugging and system

Read more about trace and profiling in ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers.


What do you do after a system crash, especially when it happens very rarely and perhaps only after hours of
execution? You need to discover what characteristics of the code triggered this exception? What code was
being executed when the exception occurred? What was the calling function of the code that caused the fault? TrueSTUDIO Pro includes a hard fault analyzer that automatically identifies what brought the system into a
fault state.

Learn more about how to quickly locate the cause of hard faults.


Because commercial development tools are not generally designed for use with a specific RTOS, the debugger views are generic and are unable to display kernel-specific data structures in any meaningful way. TrueSTUDIO Pro includes RTOS-aware debugging views for many popular real-time operating systems including embOS, ThreadX, µC/OS-III, MQX, FreeRTOS and RTXC Quadros. When the debugger hits a breakpoint you can view the state of RTOS objects such as tasks, semaphores, mutexes and timers in much greater detail.

Read more about RTOS-aware debugging.


Using Atollic TrueSTUDIO Pro, multi-core debugging becomes a natural and intuitive extension to single-core debugging. Just create two different projects in your ARM Cortex C/C++ IDE, and create each application project as if the device was a single-core processor. The powerful IDE supports simultaneous debugging of multiple cores, multiple processors and multiple boards using one single IDE GUI instance


Tech support with TrueSTUDIO Pro is a low-cost lifeline to keep your ARM development project on track. TrueSTUDIO Pro gives you email access to our tech support team for help with using the tool and if you run into problems getting something to work.



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Get the guide to TrueSTUDIO Pro features




Watch an archived webinar:
Debugging ARM Cortex-M systems
with TrueSTUDIO Pro

How does a Pro upgrade subscription work?

When you pay for a TrueSTUDIO Pro subscription you receive a license key to unlock Pro features in your existing TrueSTUDIO installation for 12 months. At the end of the subscription period you will have the choice to renew. If you do not renew, your TrueSTUDIO IDE will revert back to the free version. Nothing else in your development environment will change. All of your project files will remain as they were.

What does a subscription license for TrueSTUDIO Pro cost?

A TrueSTUDIO Pro subscription will cost approximately 995 Euros / $1095 USD per year. You purchase in your local currency through one of our distribution partners. Use the form below to request a pricing information and a sales representative will contact you. Use the notes section in the form below to ask any specific questions about licensing options.

Do you have perpetual license options?

In addition to the subscription license we also offer perpetual licenses. These licenses do not expire but do require annual support and updates fees to stay current with the latest tool versions and to access tech support, after the first year. Some developers prefer a perpetual license if they want to archive the tool with a project. Others want the flexibilty of using their license on multiple machines. USB dongle-locked licenses and floating network licenses are available.

Can I try TrueSTUDIO Pro before I decide to upgrade?

Yes. You can try all the features of TrueSTUDIO Pro at no charge for one week. Use the Pro eval request form on the right to unlock Pro features so you can see the value for yourself.

Will TrueSTUDIO Pro features work with my current debug probe?

To use the tracing and profiling features in TrueSTUDIO Pro you will need to use either a Segger J-Link external jtag probe or an ST-Link on-board debug probe.

Segger J-Link is the world's most popular and widely used debug probe. If you do not already have a Segger J-Link you can purchase a probe from one of our distributors (use the form at the right) or directly from Segger or their distributors.

ST-Link on-board debug probes are included with evaluation and development boards from ST Microelectronics.

We plan to offer support for other jtag probes in TrueSTUDIO Pro in the future.


Purchase a license key to TrueSTUDIO Pro
and enter it into the license manager
in the TrueSTUDIO IDE. That's it!


Try before you buy.
Request a time-limited evaluation license
of TrueSTUDIO Pro.