Simultaneous debugging of multiple cores

Multicore devices have been a part of the constellation of ARM-devices for years. Popular multcore devices often combine a more powerful core for high intensity processing and communications with a smaller core for control processing.

These mulitcore devices promise advantages but can add new types of problems related to debugging.

multicore debugging

The Atollic TrueSTUDIO Pro C/C++ debugger enables debugging of two cores at the same time using a single IDE GUI instance, along with a single hardware JTAG probe. Developers can conveniently toggle between applications executing on separate cores so as to visualize critical information while each core executes its separate assignments. With TrueSTUDIO, multi-core debugging is a natural, intuitive extension of single-core debugging that allows developers to focus on solving problems, not coping with complexities of the debugging solution.

The single debugger GUI instance lets you control both the debugger back-ends, and easily switch debug context and look into core 1 or 2 with a mouse-click, and to “pin” debugger windows from one CPU also in the GUI context of the other CPU core. One example to to see the SFR register window from core 1 when in the context of debugging core number 2, or vice versa.