Editing efficiency - keyboard shortcuts "cheat sheet"



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Register to access an easy to digest cheat sheet on some of the most important keyboard shortcuts to become an efficient code write/navigator in TrueSTUDIO and/or Eclipse. 

Using these keyboard shortcuts will help you perform the following operations:

  • Quickly open a file by using open resource
  • Advanced searching with C language filtering in/across projects or use reg.exp
  • Quickly filter out various C symbols and jump to file.
  • Quick navigation of content inside files without using Outline view
  • Go To Line
  • Visualising file include dependencies
  • Visualising call hierarchy
  • Automatic code completion and parameter hints
  • Edit multiple lines in one go with block select tool
  • Quick formatting of code
  • Quick refactoring of code
  • etc...

There are a lot of more capabilities available, but mastering these tools is a great start!


Read it, put it to practice today, take tomorrow as a day off - and hopefully still make your project deadline...