Build analyzer - analyzes your elf-file!

One of the most confusing things in embedded development can be the linker configuration files. With TrueSTUDIO Pro you can easily analyze and visualize the memory footprint of your application in your embedded target memory. Using this tool simplifies verification of that the output binary is organized the way you anticipated when modifying the linker configuration file. 

Inspecting memory regions

The build analysis tool lists all memory regions defines in the linker script and by analysis of the elf-file shows an overview of the usage of the different memory banks. It is possible to quickly understand which memory regions that have capacity available for additional code or data.


Inspecting memory details

It is also possible to visualise the memory details, such as size of memory sections, location and size of functions and data, Load (LMA)  and Run (VMA) addresses of functions and data. The possibility to sort the columns on size makes it possible to quickly identify which parts of the applications that consumes most memory. This is valuable information when chasing bytes to fit your applicaiton into the smallest possible MCU derivative.


When selecting multiple rows in the memory details, the sum of the selected lines is shown it the top of the tab.

There are many different use cases when the build analyzer comes in handy, below is a small list on how our Pro users benefits from this tool:

  • Understanding how much available memory that is available in different memory regions
  • Determine location and size of functions and data in your elf-file and target memory
  • Verification of LMA/VMA addresses when troubleshooting bootloaders
  • Simplifies code size refactoring efforts by showing the most memory consuming functions and data