TrueSTUDIO Webinar Series

Advanced Debugging of ARM Cortex-M Systems

Archived webinar from February 17, 2016






Unlock the power of TrueSTUDIO Pro

Finding bugs and optimizing your Cortex-M-based embedded system is easier than ever with the powerful tools found in TrueSTUDIO Pro. See how you can save time and frustration in this one-hour webinar recorded live on February 17, 2016.

In this archived webinar we show you:

  • Printf redirects to debugger window (no UART)
  • Exception and interrupt tracing with datalogging and statistics
  • Global statistical profiling (program counter sampling, execution time by C function)
  • Data tracing logging and graphical display (monitor up to 4 memory addresses for read, write or read/write)
  • RTOS-aware debugging
  • Hard fault analysis (quickly find what happened, why it happened and what code caused the fault)
  • Live variable watch using Segger J-Link debug probe
  • ETM and ETB instruction tracing with Segger J-Trace
  • Special function register views (SFR)
  • System overhead measurements
  • Debugging two targets simultaneously with TrueSTUDIO Pro